Powerfull Dedicated Servers

Key Features:
  1. Powerful and Efficient SuperMicro Blade servers
  2. 99.9% Uptime with dedicated 24x7 technical support
  3. Unlimited storage expansion with our Storage on the Cloud
  4. 24/7/365 Support
  5. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Our Servers

    Dakshahost uses best-in-class hardware for our Dedicated Servers. Each server is custom built by us to meet the highest standards. With Intel Xeon processors, twin hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration, a 1Gbps network port and CentOS 6.5, our servers are built for speed. Couple this with instant provisioning, and you have a blazing fast server that is ready to use in minutes.

  • Our Platform

    We are committed to customer satisfaction and want to make sure that every programmer feels right at home. Keeping this in mind, we support PHP 5.2/5.3, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails. Coming now to databases, We support an unlimited number of MySQL databases which will deliver several breakthrough capabilities that will enable your organization to scale database operations with confidence.

  • cPanel/WHM

    With cPanel & WHM, you get powerful Reseller features to help you kick start your Hosting business. All you need to do is focus on your Hosting business. Save money by purchasing cPanel & WHM though BigRock, and make money by leveraging the great reseller features that you get built in with cPanel. Manage your customers, create packages, manage email services and much more, easily and quickly with cPanel & WHM.

  • Storage on the Cloud

    To make sure that you will never run out of space on your server, we give you the power to infinitely expand your storage using our Shared storage device. This is in addition to your default local RAID 1 mirrored hard drives. This Cloud storage (a mount on your server) is provisioned instantly, with one click of the mouse.